The New Mind Wars App

Mind Wars is a knowledge app. Knowledge can be attained in many ways. In the new millennium, one of the most efficient paths is through the simple and joyful means of play. 

Acquisition of knowledge in a stress-free and fun manner is a great way to assimilate and own it.

Mind Wars invites you to rise to greater and better levels of knowledge – be it curriculum, GK or current affairs – by entering into alternative realms and moving up, up, up, until you reach the top. 

Each journey is special, calibrated to engage every player, regardless of their initial proficiency.

Easy and Intuitive Interface!

Progressed based Quizzing App!

Current affairs and Trending Topics covered!

A Plethora of Quizzing Topics Available!

Quizzes Available in 14 Indian Languages!

Unlimited Practice Test Available!

An Immersive Journey

One can navigate their syllabus across different subjects on Mind Wars by ascending the seven higher plane lokas: bhuloka, bhuvarloka, swargaloka, maharloka, janaloka, tapaloka, satyaloka. 

As you answer questions, you earn mudras and rise through the Lokas.

The Quest Section of Mind Wars has three doors: Veda the Life Door, Ananta the Space-time Door and Rudra the Energy Door.

Pass through these three doors and reach the Mind Palace, the place of infinite knowledge, where few reach. 

Each door has sub-levels which must be completed. Collect mudras in each level, unlock the next, and move to your throne in the Mind Palace!

Multiplayer, Milestones and Leaderboard!

You can play against your friends, students around India or complete strangers of all age groups. 

Each multiplayer experience is exciting, and can earn you many, many mudras, thus hastening your arrival to the summit!

As you play and get more knowledgeable, you not only earn more mudras, but you also get on the achievement leaderboards and earn badges. 

From starting as a Rookie to becoming the Ultimate Mind Warrior, each new badge is an important milestone and a veritable feather in your cap.

You can share your achievements with your friends and bask in their admiration!

Multiplayer option to play with Friends & Family!

Leaderboard to show and share your Ranking!

Public and Closed group Quizzing available!

A Glimpse of Mind Wars App

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