About Olympiad

Mind Wars, India's largest multi-platform knowledge programme, has created India's biggest GK Olympiad for schools. Each class from 4 to 12 (9 levels in all) will be graded under the Mind wars GK Olympiad on their knowledge across a wide subject range.

The Mind Wars GK Olympiad will consist of relevant and interesting general awareness questions across 5 topics per class, aimed at improving students’ ability to crack competitive tests over their scholastic journey.

The Mind Wars GK Olympiad is the first fully online GK Olympiad, brought to you by Team Mind Wars, under the umbrella of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

Olympiad Dates

The Mind Wars GK Olympiad 2020 offers 6 dates (22Nov, 28Nov, 29Nov, 5Dec, 6Dec, 12Dec, 2020) on which the Olympiad will be held for all classes. The paper will be different in content but same in terms of difficulty level on all six dates. A student could try and improve their score any number of times by paying for extra attempts.

  • 22 Nov
  • 28 Nov
  • 29 Nov
  • 5 Dec
  • 6 Dec
  • 12 Dec

Why should you register?

General Knowledge is an integral part of most competitive exams, group discussions and interviews

GK cannot be learnt in a day; daily inputs and practice make perfect

Better Knowledge helps in better performance in school, college and across sub-jects

Benchmarking against peers is the most effective way to improve and excel

Test date options for your convenience

Who all can register?

Students across India of classes 4 through 12 can apply for Mind Wars - Olympiad 2020

Across all education boards

How to participate

The Mind Wars GK Olympiad is open to students across India with the unique facility of 24*7 practice on India’s largest quizzing and knowledge platform.

The Mind Wars GK Olympiad will be accessible to all students for a nominal fee of Rs. 200/- per student inclusive of practice material and preparatory tests.

The Mind wars GK Olympiad will be available as a part of the Mind Wars platform on the Zee 5 app.

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Prizes For Participants

More than 1000 prizes to win!

Assured cash prizes of up to ₹1 crore for outstanding performers!

Medals and Merit Certificates for best performers in every school.

National and School Percentile calculated to benchmark performance.

Participation Certificates for every single participant.

Mind Wars Olympiad 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Mind Wars Olympiad 2020?

Mind Wars Olympiad 2020 is an online programme that allows registered participants to practise, prepare and play the Olympiad.

It consists of relevant and interesting general awareness questions which will focus on improving students’ awareness levels and improve students’ ability to crack competitive tests. Questions will be based on latest exam pattern by the best content expert team in the country.

What is the Mind Wars Olympiad 2020 exam pattern like?

• The Mind Wars Olympiad will be held online for all registered students in an MCQ (Multiple choice Questions) format

• The Online Olympiad will have 50 questions.

• There is no negative marking

• The duration of the exam will be 20 minutes.

Who can participate in Mind Wars Olympiad 2020?

The Mind Wars Olympiad will be accessible to all students across India from classes 4 to 12 for a nominal fee of Rs. 200 per student.


The biggest multi-platform Knowledge Programme, presented by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, open to all students studying in classes 4 to 12 across India.