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Mind Wars(“Quiz”)

This Quiz is for all students from ages 11-16 studying in a school in India. The Quiz shall be available only on ‘ZEE5’ Application (“ZEE5”) which is owned by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (“ZEEL”). This Quiz is in association with Xpress Minds to enhance the learning capabilities of students from ages to 11-16 and to assist in overall education of students. The Quiz goes live on 5 April 2019 and shall subsist for such period as may be decided upon by ZEEL. ZEEL’s decision in such matters shall be final and binding.


Entering the Quiz

Entering the Quiz The students from ages 11-16 participating in the Quiz are hereinafter referred to as the “Participant(s). The parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of the Participant(s) (“Parent”) shall enroll the Participant(s) in such manner as described in Clause e. To be eligible to participate in the Quiz, Participant(s) must conform to the following eligibility criteria:

an Individual;

an Indian citizen or residing in India;

aged 11-16 years;

student a a, school established in India.



For the Participanft(s) to be eligible to participate in the Quiz, the Parent must be registered and/or a subscriber of ZEE5. The Parent must download ZEE5 and create a login on ZEE5 by clicking on the link as provided for the Quiz and provide their contact details i.e. e-mail id and contact number. The Parent must then fill the details of the Participant(s) as required. Each Parent can enroll a maximum of 2 (two) Participant(s) from one account.

The Parent must enable a parental lock before granting access to Participant(s).

The validity and accuracy of the questions as made available in the Quiz shall be determined by Xpress Minds.

The Participant(s) can participate in various quizzes as made available. However, to be eligible to participate in the qualifying round, they must participate in the qualifying quiz which shall be made available on Mindwars ZEE5. The Participant(s) shall be intimated in advance before the qualifying quiz goes live. Once the Participant(s) participates in the qualifying quiz, the qualification scores shall be sent to the respective schools for verification purposes. 2 (two) students shall be selected from each school for the next thy round which shall be organized by Xpress Minds.


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