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FAQs For Mind Wars App

What are Mudras?

Points or coins awarded for attempting a quiz/question correctly. Earning more mudras will assist them securing a place in the hall of fame as well as the leaderboard

How Do I challenge my friend?

You can create your own quizzes – choose a favourite subject, pick up a quiz and there you are! Challenge your friends by inviting them to your own created quizzes and find out the mindwarrior among your friends

What is Mindgears?

A brief explanation about lifelines and different badges that can be earned is mentioned in Mindgears

What all Education Curriculum Boards are covered?

ICSE, CBSE and state boards from class 4 to 12 are covered in various language mediums

FAQs For Olympiad

What is the Mind Wars Olympiad exam pattern like?

  • The Mind Wars Olympiad will be held online for all registered students in an MCQ (Multiple choice Questions) format
  • The Online Olympiad will have 50 questions.
  • There is no negative marking
  • The duration of the exam will be 20 minutes.

Who can participate in Mind Wars Olympiad?

The Mind Wars Olympiad will be accessible to all students across India from classes 4 to 12 for a nominal fee of Rs. 200 per student.

Can students take a mock test to prepare for the Mind Wars Olympiad?

Yes, registered participants can take two Mock Online Olympiads on the Mind Wars platform. There is no additional fee for taking these mock tests.

What if I am not happy with my result? Can I take the Olympiad test once again?

In case you are not happy with your performance at the end of the Mind Wars Olympiad 2020 online test, you can register again for another date, and take the Olympiad test once again for a nominal fee of Rs. 200

FAQs For TV Show

What is the programme structure?

All eligible students register on the Mind Wars platform on the Zee5 App.
They practice on Mind Wars by taking various quizzes.
All registered students are eligible to take the Mock Test as well as the Qualifier Test.
The two best students (decided on the basis of their score in the online round) from a school will form a team and get shortlisted for selection round for the TV Show.
The best teams from the online rounds will participate in the Mind Wars Game Show that will be telecast on the Zee Network.

What is the registration fee?

Participation in the programme is FREE.

How do I register for the contest?

Install the ZEE5 App
Click on the ‘Mind Wars’ icon on the homepage
Use the school code and fill in the simple registration form. (A maximum of two participants can be registered on the same phone).

Is it a team event?

In the online rounds, students have to play individually. After that, a team of two students is formed based on the scores of all participants from the same school. The school team comprises the top two students from the online qualifier round. Two students will be chosen out of every 100 participants from each school.

FAQs For Debate

What is the debate format like?

Round 1: All registered students will send through a written submission
Round 2: Students selected from the written round will submit a short speech video on a particular topic
Round 3: Zonal Rounds: All students selected from the video rounds will do four rounds of 1-on-1 debates each in their zones to become the zonal winner
Round 4: City Rounds: Top 2 from each zone would battle it out in a knockout format to become the city champion
Round 5: National Round: The city champions will battle it out to be crowned India’s best debater

Who can participate in the debate championship?

The competition is open to students from Class 8-11

Is it a team event?

No, you compete as individuals

When will the topics be released before the debate?

It will be released 24 hours before the debate

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